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Green Bay RoofingGBWI Roofing in Green Bay, WI has been in existence for a very long time, over 30-years. We are a family-owned and operated roofing company that takes great pride in the fact that we have staying power. While we knew that we would have to compete with other roofing companies in the city, it didn’t intimidate us. We realized what we had to do was offer something that was missing. In most cases, the most complaints that we would constantly hear was that homeowners could never get both great roofing services at affordable prices. They were capable of getting one or the other but rarely both. That is when we knew that we had to be the ones that would offer both. With quality roofing services at affordable prices, we knew that it would be easy for us to capture our fair share of the Green Bay market. Since we only hire the most competent roofing contractors, our customers are assured of receiving quality roofing services. With our commitment to provide our customers with what they want, we also offer them the most affordable roofing services possible. Since we are offering our customers everything that they need, they often rely on our roofing services. The services that we provide to our customers are the services that are requested most often. They are the services that our roofing contractors have the most experience performing. There is no roofing work that is beyond their scope of experience, which is why you should only rely on us for your service needs.

At GBWI Roofing, we do more than provide our customers with quality roofing services, we also demonstrate to our customers that we want and value his or her business. Our objective is to always provide you with the most for your money. We are known for offering great value for the money by working with our customers to get them the help they need. Our roofing contractors are carefully chosen due to their ability to offer our customers the most efficient roofing services possible. They are hardworking, committed, roofing professionals with years of industry experience. It is their expertise that enables us to offer our customers the best and most thorough services possible. With a team of well qualified, professional roofers attending to the needs of our customers, we have been able to remain the preferred and the most widely used roofing company in all of Green Bay, WI. This has not been easy, especially considering the ups and downs of the economy during the decades. However, we can only contribute our longevity to our amazing roofing contractors. They put everything into providing our customers with the services that they want and need. You are sure to benefit from our roofing services by contacting us to first, inspect your roof and then make any necessary repairs or roof replacements, if necessary. We work with roofs of every type, which is why our services are often preferred to other service providers.